Circus Maximus 2016 News

Stage 1 (Friday night)
-The Diamond Dogs(Luke Langley & Graham Bell) d. Jeff Gant & “The Incredible Primal Prodigy” Matt Kenway
-Jason Roberts d. “Absolute” Ricky Starks
-“Absolute” Ricky Starks d. Jason Roberts
-Bragging Rights Match: Aaron Solow d. “The Lone Star” Curt Stallion(subbing for Trik Davis) (Team Stone 10, Team Gary Jay 0)
-Paco Gonzalez d Kevin Lee Davidson, Slade Porter, and Slade Sludge in a Four Corners match
-Bragging Rights Match: Jojo Bravo d. Aaron Epic  (Team Stone 10, Team Gary Jay 5)
-Bragging Rights Match: “The Guvnor” Martin Stone d. Gary Jay
(Team Stone 15, Team Gary Jay 5)
-“The Leader Of The Pack” Stephen Wolf d. Austin Blackburn(w/ Evan Gelistico, Danny Adams, & Everett Connors)
-Team I.O.U.(“The Down-South Dandy” Nick Iggy & “The Music City Mutt” Kerry Awful) d. Danny Adams & Everett Connors(w/ Evan Gelistico & Austin Blackburn)
After the match, Greg Jovi led a squad of masked wrestlers into the ring to beat down Iggy & Awful: Makaze, Bahamut, Rebelucha, Dangerous Deveroux, Dash Rando, Orange Lazarus, Super Electro, and Intrepidus (along with another electricity-themed masked guy). Jovi vowed that “the end” had arrived for St. Louis Anarchy.
-Bragging Rights Match: “Ace Of Anarchy” Davey Vega d.
(Team Stone 15, Team Gary Jay 10)
-Roscoe Eat Lisa(“Zesty” Zakk Sawyers & “The Big Mustache On Campus” Mikey McFinnegan) d. The Cause(Evan Gelistico & Adam Caster)(w/ Danny Adams & Everett Connors) to win the Tag Team Titles.
-Mat Fitchett d. “Dirdey” Jake Dirden to retain the Heavyweight Title.

Stage 2 (Saturday)
-The Diamond Dogs(Luke Langley & Graham Bell) & Tyler Colton d. Jeff Gant, Tank Engine Tommy, & Kody Krash
-“The Leader Of The Pack” Stephen Wolf d. Jason Roberts
-“The Incredible Primal Prodigy” Matt Kenway (Look At Him) d. Slade Porter
-Bragging Rights Match: Aaron Solow d. Jojo Bravo with the Fujiwara
(Team Stone 25, Team Gary Jay 10)
-Dangerous Deveroux & Orange Lazarus(w/ Greg Jovi & company) d. Team I.O.U.(“The Down-South Dandy” Nick Iggy & “The Music City Mutt” Kerry Awful);).
-Bragging Rights Match: Aaron Epic d. “The Lone Star” Curt Stallion .
(Team Stone 30, Team Gary Jay 10)
-Bragging Rights Match: Gary Jay d. “Do Or Die” Chip Day .
(Team Stone 30, Team Gary Jay 15)
-“Absolute” Ricky Starks d. Slade Sludge
-Tag Team Champions Roscoe Eat Lisa(“Zesty” Zakk Sawyers & “The Big Mustache On Campus” Mikey McFinnegan) & Austin Blackburn d. The Cause(Evan Gelistico, Danny Adams, & Everett Connors)
-Bragging Rights Match: “The Guvnor” Martin Stone d. “The Ace Of Anarchy” Davey Vega (Team Stone 50, Team Gary Jay 15).
-Mat Fitchett d. Paco Gonzalez.

Team Stone


UPDATE: Circus Maximus is around the corner and now we can announce a few more matches…


Mr. Adams and Mr. Connors of The Cause will take on Team IOU.

A Fatal Four Way will see Stephen Wolf vs. Curt Stallion vs. making his SLA debut Slade Porter vs. PACO. This match will be one fall to the finish.


In singles action we will see Ricky Starks in what he says may be his final SLA match before heading to FL take on Curt Stallion.

More singles action will see Stephen Wolf take on Thomas Shire from the state of TX,

Lastly everyone in SLA management has seen the video that Greg Jovi released and honestly have no idea what he’s talking about as he is not scheduled to appear at Circus Maximus…


As promised here are the “US vs. THEM ” Bragging Rights matches for Circus Maximus weekend Aug 26 and 27.

Stage One 8/26:

Captain Battle: Gary Jay vs Martin Stone

Davey Vega vs. Aaron Epic

Jo Jo Bravo vs. Chip Day

Trik Davis vs. Aaron Solow

Stage Two 8/27:

Captain: Gary Jay vs. Chip Day

Davey Vega vs. Captain : Martin Stone

Trik Davis vs. Aaron Epic

Jo Jo Bravo vs Aaron Solow


We just received this video from Team Stone:

Team Stone Video


We have championship news to announce:

Champion Mat Fitchett has once again sent out a open challenge for Stage One, last event we saw Mr. Gelistico answer that challenge and due to the fact he did and did not win he is the only one who cannot accept the challenge at Circus Maximus.
Who will answer the challenge?? We will have to wait until Stage One to find out.

Stage Two however we know who will fight for the championship.. PACO has earned the right to challenge for the championship. This is a huge deal for PACO as he will main event the biggest event of the year for Anarchy.

Aug. 26th and 27th in Alton IL is going to be off the charts make sure you are there live!!


Team Stone is now complete as he has added long time wrestler Aaron Epic to round out his team.

Epic is a 14 year veteran of pro wrestling, he is known to have very unique offense and is a master of the pile driver.

Just to review here are the teams for the Circus Maximus bragging rights series:

Team Jay:

Captain: Gary Jay
“Ace of Anarchy” Davey Vega
Jo Jo Bravo
Trik Davis


Team Stone:

Captain: Martin Stone
Chip Day
Aaron Epic
Aaron Solow

Tickets for Circus Maximus will go on sale Monday, June 20th


The call was sent in this morning and Team A has its four members. Gary said he wanted the 4th member to have even more experience then him and he found that guy.

Team A has added veteran mid west wrestler Trik Davis to the squad. Davis known for his amazing hold for hold wrestling looks to bring that as well as his wealth of experience to the team.

Team A now looks like this:

Captain : Gary Jay
1. “Ace of Anarchy ” Davey Vega
2. Jo Jo Bravo
3. Trik Davis


The rules for the “Bragging Rights ” matches are as follows :

Each team will have a team captain for Team A it is Gary Jay for Team B it’s Martin Stone.

There will be four singles matches on each night with the captain showdown taking place at Stage One. Each team can send a second out with their competitor to assure no cheating takes place.

The team with the most points wins the weekend. The way points are scored:

Submission =10pts
Knockout =20pts

All the matches in the competition are no time limit , no count out and no DQ.


I received a call from Martin Stone today and the third member of his team has now been revealed.

Aaron Solow will join Martin Stone and Chip Day on Team B in the “Bragging Rights ” team battle.

Long time fans are well aware of what Solow brings to the table as he was on every event before moving back home to Florida.

Solow is known mostly for his kicks and his submission based offense. Stone when asked to comment on Solow said:

“The Aaron Solow who left Anarchy isn’t the one who’s coming back, he’s more lethal with his feet and his submissions ”

Circus Maximus takes place on Friday August 26th and Saturday August 27th in Alton IL.

We now know 3 of the 4 men on each team on Monday we will announce how the point system will work.


Circus Maximus match announcement:
Stage One August 26th
Captain Battle: Gary Jay vs. Martin Stone

The Team A and Team B captains battle on night one as Gary Jay meets Martin Stone.You all obviously know Gary Jay as a man who held your title for over 800 days and as a cornerstone of Anarchy. He battles a man who hits hard and has fought all over the world.

The next update for CM will be the point system break down on how US vs. Them will work.


We normally like to take Sundays after events off but Team A captain Gary Jay called me today and has picked the third member of his team for Circus Maximus.

Jo Jo Bravo joins Gary Jay and Davey Vega to head into Circus Maximus to face Team B captained by Martin Stone, Stone has picked a amazing striker in Chip Day so far too be on his team.

Circus Maximus Aug. 26th and 27th in Alton IL

-Pierre Abernathy

Some news and notes from Going Platinum :

Mat Fitchett is still champion after beating Mr. Gelistico then TJ Perkins.

Roscoe Eat Lisa has earned a tag title match at Circus Maximus.

Davey Vega refused to talk to anyone after his loss to Jonathan Gresham. This weekend saw Vega not just loose but tap out twice. Fans were in shock to see the “Anarchy Ace” go down back to back days.

Jo Jo Bravo snapped after months of feeling screwed over. He took that out on Paco that’s all we know at this time.

Heard today from Chris Hero he’s upset.

We return to Alton August 26th and 27th for Circus Maximus “US vs. Them”

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