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As our fans know there are many things that make Saint Louis Anarchy different from all other wrestling promotions. We are living in a time where there is so much amazing wrestling across the board. Whether it’s on TV or a popular independent promotion, there is one thing SLA has over the rest, the “champions rule.” The SLA champion has the right to create his own ruling for his title matches. We saw former champion Gary Jay make his title defenses 2 out of 3 falls. This rule worked out well for Gary Jay as he held the belt for over two years.
At “Going Platinum we saw Mat Fitchett make his title defenses a open challenge and there must be a winner. This means anyone can go after the gold and there will never be any draws. We will always have a clear winner, Mr. Gelistico was the first to answer the open challenge and he failed to defeat Mat Fitchett.
At “Circus Maximus” stage one we will see the open challenge return, whoever comes out on top will defend the SLA title just 24 hours later at stage two against Paco. Paco has earned a shot at the gold and has some history with the current champion Mat Fitchett. If Fitchett survives the open challenge on stage one, fans will be in for a treat on stage two as Fitchett will defend the gold against Paco.
Be sure to check out Circus Maximus on August 26th and 27th in Alton Illinois.
Joshua Jackson


August 26th and 27th will mark the 2016 edition of Saint Louis Anarchy’s biggest summer event “Circus Maximus.” In summers past Circus Maximus has been home to some of Saint Louis Anarchy’s craziest matches. From the 10,000 thumbtack match between Gary Jay and Adam Raw (Now known as Mr. Caster), to the 4 on 4 street which saw the Submission Squad take on the Ego Express and Space Station

It is safe to say Circus Maximus has had its fair share of chaos. This event has also had its fair share of Anarchy dream matches. Who could forget the epic match-up between the Young Bucks and the Hooligans?

This year Anarchy fans will be treated to “Bragging Rights” when team Gary Jay takes on team Martin Stone. With both teams filled, fans can now decide who they feel will come out on top by the end of the weekend. Team Gary Jay has a roster of anarchy’s best, with the “Ace of Anarchy” Davey Vega, Jo Jo Bravo, and Trik Davis on his team. Team Martin Stone consist of some new faces to the Anarchy scene, however  these talented athletes are not so new to the world of pro wrestling. Chip Day, Aaron  Epic, and Aaron  Solow will join team Martin Stone in a battle for bragging rights.

The two teams will have a series of singles matches; one of those matches being captain vs captain. Whoever wins each match will score a point for their team. Pin fall = 5pts, Submission = 10pts, and Knockout = 20pts. Whichever team has the most points by the end of the weekend will earn bragging rights.

Judging by years past it might be safe to say that Circus Maximus is Gary Jay’s event. On top of his 10,100 thumbtack match, Gary has also competed in two TLC matches at this event-one being against Dan Walsh, the other being against ACH. Fans know what Gary Jay is capable of in the ring, however if there was ever a time to step up against the former champion it is now. Martin Stone and his team have made a name for themselves in the Florida area and around the Independent scene. On August 26th and 27th they will finally come to Saint Louis Anarchy to show everyone what they are all about.

Tickets for this huge event go on sale June 20th make sure to check back to to get your tickets to what promises to be a historic Circus Maximus.

~Joshua Jackson

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